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Moro collection

With our studio we design custom-made furniture and objects for 3D printing.  We are offering our own exclusive line, the moro collection for our brand Black Baboon.  A collection of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Printed from reclycled local plastics.

Interested? Just send us an email with your question to: The shop will be soon online but you can already pre-order the furniture for now.

Innovation by 3d printing

A new way to produce furniture with local plastic waste, is possible by using 3D printing machines and designing in accordance with the technology. The "moro" collection is using plastic waste from Belgium in order to produce and sell locally. It is part of a whole collection of furniture products made out of local recycled plastic. Including stools, lounge chairs, tables, etc. 

This way of design together with the technology could compete with current industrial processes offering a potential new form of industrialization with adaptable custom made products and offering a potential new way to create sustainable objects at an affordable price.

The chair and the other products of the collection has been designed to be 3D printed fast and efficiently with a minimum of material. 

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