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Up to now, the economy has been a linear one. In a linear economy we take raw materials, create products, use them, and dispose of them. This has severe negative consequences for the planet. A pile of unprocessed waste, climate change, overconsumption …

There is an urgent necessity to shift our consumption and production habits.  Sustainable production & consumption is a must, an absolute minimum even, but we need to go a level deeper in order to protect the earth’s resources: embracing circularity and circular economy in all layers of our lives.  Studio achoo can help you to make this by designing and developing products that are sustainable.

sustainable design

It is at the design stage that we determine the factors that impact the environment. And it is at this stage that we need to decide how to create more sustainable and circular designs to ensure that waste is not created, or can easily be recycled and re-usde in new sustainable products.

With our studio we can help you to design and develop a product from scratch (raw materials) to a finished eco friendly product.  We think it al starts with the right mindset and a good sustainable product. 

Ready to work together?

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